For picture books, please always submit the whole manuscript. We will match your work with an appropriate illustrator.

In case of picture books written by an illustrator, please submit the whole manuscript together with any sketches you may have which would help us visualize the story, along with three completed illustrated pages (and other samples of your work).

Make sure to include your contact information, including your physical address and phone number.

We are looking for excellent, well-written stories, independent of subject matter. Your story can have cowboys, spaceships, ghosts, goats, vampires, explosions, fights, pets, special powers; as long as it is good, we are interested.

If you are trying to teach something, please make sure your intentions are not obvious. Make the "lesson" an integrated part of your story.

Books can change people. Make sure the change you bring is positive.

Please polish your stories the best you can before submitting. While we will most likely go through several rounds of editing between us and the author, we will give your story more attention and more credit if it is well written and easy to follow from the start.

While we prefer online submissions, you can always send your manuscript to our address via mail, with an SASE envelope.

Brighter Books Publishing House
Attention: Picture Books
4825 Fairbrook Crescent
Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6M6
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