We are looking for different, new approaches for teaching adults and children all sorts of subjects.

Please include a query letter and your completed manuscript for review. Make sure to include your contact information, including your physical address and phone number.

Send us also any accreditation or reason why you are a qualified writer for the subject in question. Please ensure you have researched the subject thoroughly and that you are passionate about the subject.

If your book is selected for publication, you will be required to promote it and interact with your readers; knowledge and love for your subject matter is crucial for the success of your title. You must be a teacher at heart.

Books can change people. Make sure the change you bring is positive.

Please polish your book the best you can before submitting. While we will most likely go through several rounds of editing between us and the author, we will give your story more attention and more credit if it is well written and easy to follow from the start.
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